About Us

We help the people in getting their car opened for them if incidentally they get into the situation of getting locked out of their own car. Apart from providing car unlocking services, we also provide car lock repair services which include repairing of central locking system or repairing the steering wheels locks. Our services also include providing training to our customers on how to handle the situation without getting panicked. One of the important things to keep into mind is not to try to break into the car. This will not only trigger the alarm installed in the car but also you could end up damaging your automobile. The professionals that we offer are equipped to handle these situations are can open the car without damaging the locks. For all these services, we charge you just $15 and can save you the extra costs if you choose to break into your own car. We are available with these services at all times of the day. We just take a small interval of 15 minutes to reach any destination and are available with these services for all 24 hours of the day. Our services also include providing our customers with duplicate set of keys if they have misplaced the originals.